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Occasionally I find faulty wiring or workmanship. Often home owners don't even realize that a hazard may exist.

Boilers, furnaces, and water heaters need air flow for proper function. Improper air flow or venting may lead to pre-mature failure and possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Don't let a beautiful home fool you. New homes may also have some defects. 

A water tight home starts with the roof. Roof shingles may last over 15 years,however elements such as rain,wind,snow,sun, and tree branches may cause pre-mature failure and leaking. Gutters and spouts should be debris free and direct water away from dwelling.

Often times basement flooding may be due to improper grading and improper gutter/spout function.  Basement flooding is not pleasant, and may result  in much loss and heartache.  Evaluating grading is part of my exterior inspection.

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