Mold Inspection & Sampling

People get sick by breathing in excessive mold spores

" Protect your family, sample for mold. " About 15 million Americans are allergic to mold!  To schedule call  (201) 390-4912    Cost is $150 per sample

Mold is everywhere and is common to find in a home. The hazard arises when mold spores are breathed in. Flooding and plumbing leaks are not the only reason for mold growth.  Mold spores can enter a house  through open doorways,windows,heating,ventilation and air conditioning systems. Spores  also attach to people and pets,bringing them indoors.


 Wet materials such as drywall,paper,cardboard,ceiling tiles, wood ,etc.  are all conductive to mold growth.Sometimes you can see mold where as other times you smell a damp musty odor.Mold causes health reactions such as headaches,body aches,flu-like symptoms, eye,nose,and throat irritations,and more.Sampling sent to a lab will reveal the type and levels of mold(s) present.




Lab sampling requirement :

The lab requires one outdoor air sample be taken along with indoor sample(s). The lab compares the outdoor mold to the indoor mold. Most people request one air sample for the interior to go along with the exterior .If you are concerned about mold growing on a surface then you may consider an additional swab sample.


Mold sampling procedure 

Air is drawn into a specialized pump and collected in a cartridge.  The sealed cartridges are sent to a licensed lab for testing. A report can be expected within 1 week.  I will also do a visual inspection, looking for possible areas of moisture and recommend ways to eliminate moisture.

"Reduce moisture,reduce mold"


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