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Found in soil, radon is a colorless and tasteless gas that is produced by the decay of uranium and radium.Light weight in nature,radon flows up through soil and into a home.High exposure to radon causes lung cancer. Every home has radon,and therefore should be tested.The EPA recommends remediation  If radon concentration is 4.0 pCi/L or greater.  It is also advisable to re-test if you or a neighbor excavates for an addition or pool ,which can re-direct pockets of radon into your home. Radon testing is included in a home inspection-performed by Stateline Home Inspection.

*Radon collection procedure*


         The EPA requires all windows and doors be closed  prior to testing,and for the duration of the testing.(Normal door opening and closing to enter or exit is permited.) A charcoal cannister approx. 4 inches in diameter is placed in the lowest livable space - usually the basement. The cannister is not harmfull to people,however it must not be disturbed. The cannister is retrieved after 2-6  days and sent to a licensed lab for results.



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